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Localized lipoatrophy


Dott. Luciano Schiazza
Specialista in Dermatologia e Venereologia
Specialista in Leprologia e Dermatologia Tropicale
c/o InMedica - Centro Medico Polispecialistico
Largo XII Ottobre 62
16121 Genova
cell 335.655.97.70 - studio 010 5701818



Localized lipoatrophy is characterized by noninflamed, focal loss of subcutaneous tissue. The case is that of a young woman with no personal or familial history of any systemic disorder (panniculitis, diabetes mellitus, connective tissue disease), injections of corticosteroids, antibiotics, etc. She presented a bilateral,  band like horizontal  depression of  both thighs. The skin lesions showed no evidence of clinical inflammation. It had never been symptomatic nor had any pigmentary changes.

lipotrofia localizzatalipotrofia localizzatalipotrofia localizzata

She was usued, in her office, to seat on a plastic seat, for hours, crossing her right leg over the left and conversely: the site of indentations on the thighs corresponded exactly to hard border of the seat.

lipotrofia localizzatalipotrofia localizzata

Prolonged, repeated local pressure to the thighs by the edge of the seat, with a long history of  leg crossing, explained this condition.  Such pressure could result in involution of subcutaneous fat in a similar way to lipoatrophia semicircularis.

This condition is mainly of cosmetic concern only. Lesions had gradually resolved after seat had been changed and leg crossing avoided.